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What is the 40 Days Liturgy?

The celebration of the 40 Days Liturgy is an ancient Orthodox custom. When the faithful had need of special prayers for themselves and loved ones they would arrange with their local priest for the celebration of 40 Divine Liturgies. The faithful would attend each of the liturgies and provide each day, as an offering to the Lord, the prosphoro (bread) and the wine.

The 40 Days Liturgy custom continues today, however, due to many other commitments and circumstances the faithful are not able to attend each divine liturgy and make an offering of the prosphoro and wine. Instead some of the faithful offer a donation along with the names to be prayed for, as has happened with the 40 Days Liturgy programs you have participated in at our monastery over recent years.

The monastery holds a 40 Days Liturgy twice each year;

  1. EASTER - Beginning on Easter Night*;
  2. CHRISTMAS - Beginning with the Nativity Fast on November 15

You can participate in the 40 Days Liturgy during these periods here:

* Please note, unlike the Christmas 40 Liturgy which occurs during the fast, the Easter 40 Liturgy occurs following Easter as during Great Lent there no Divine Liturgies on weekdays.